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The Kitchen

Home Cooking On A Big Scale

Made By Hand The Right Way

Most commercially available food is churned out in a big factory.

Big volume with big profit. (And little concern for how good it is for you.)

We do things differently.

Our factory is much like your own kitchen, just a lot bigger.

Fresh ingredients are used that aren’t processed. Cooked in huge pots and mixed together with a big mixer. Like a massive ThermoMix.

The only automated piece of machinery is the filler, which pumps the fresh hommus into tubs and seals them up safely. (This is best not done by hand.)

The coriander, cumin, garlic and chilli we use are the real deal, too. The same ingredients you would use at home.

Being a family owned business means we can focus on quality rather than quantity. Not needing to use chemicals and processing to keep profits high and shareholders happy lets us focus on a healthier food for you while earning a living in the process.

Everybody wins and our conscience stays clear.

Grab some now and see why it’s so good!