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Squeeze More Nutrition Into Your Day - Easily

Are you tired of all the junk food lining supermarket shelves?

It’s an endless struggle – the simple job of buying healthy food for your family to eat. It sounds easy (it should be easy) but these days, finding something genuinely healthy is more like a game of hide-and-seek. Processed, chemical laden “food” by far outnumbers healthier options.

On top of that, misleading packaging and marketing does its best to hide the nasties in their products. Nasties designed to make production cheap and profits high. Some additives are even designed to make them addictive. They cleverly call this “food science”.

But you’re not fooled. You’re one of the growing number of people recognising the power of eating as close to nature as possible.

Wouldn’t it be great to find a natural and healthy product, that is still readily available at supermarkets?

Get Your Hommus On!

You’re probably visiting our website after being recommended by a like-minded friend. Did you know according to Woolworths’ vendor statistics, we have the highest rate of customer retention in our entire category? We love that fact and believe it’s because when people find something that’s right for them, they stick with it.

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What Makes It So Damn Good?

  • Made by hand in a kitchen-style facility, not a mass production factory
  • Readily available in hundreds of supermarkets and locations in NSW and VIC
  • Free of chemicals and nasties that can harm your health
  • NO Canola Oil!
  • Plenty of fibre to help keep your important digestive system clean
  • Made with chickpeas and tahini – known to be full of goodness
  • So many uses as a healthy staple to squeeze extra nutrition into your day
  • Perfect for kid’s lunchboxes to keep them going with the right kind of fuel
  • Oh, and it actually tastes good! Something people choose to eat, healthy or not

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to pack extra goodness into your day. Quick, go and chuck it on your shopping list before you forget! (We’d love to hear from you after trying it, too)

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